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23 years old, student working towards a music composition BA. Goal in my life is to be a video game composer. Love all types of video games espeically RPGs.

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Posted by HellSpawnIV - October 2nd, 2008

Tixe (Teek-say) started off as a joke name with my previous band, but never actually picked it up. How it came up was that we all decided to try and make a band name one day in a Baja Fresh. eventually it started to get stupid, and then the lead guitarist came up with Tixe. The bassist and i were like ???, and so we were trying to guess what it was all night. Thenl he finally spell it until later and i said "is it Exit?" and it turned out right. so starting off as a joke i kinda put it into a deeper meaning (along with some help with a friend) we started saying the band is called Tixe, because you exit your personally reality and (Tixe is exit backward = the opposite of exit is enter so) you enter my reality of music. i thought it was an awesome reality but hey, its probably really stupid to most lol.


im gay.


im gayer

wait... your gayer than yourself? ???? thats a bit confusing >.<

I'm gayerer... lol nah... make sure you check my comments though...

woot, but fire118 put me on his post without me having to ask... pssh lol jk. i'll let you know when i got the new overwhelming up if you want.

Yeah, just drop a comment on my wall when you've got it done...

Hey HellSpawn. well, after a week of homework + a project a finaly got around to hearing the new song. Do you only make songs? oh well dont matter so anyway, nice song.

i'm not sure what you mean by "Do you only make songs?" if you mean only me and no one else, sorta, i mean i get some help with Sorohanro with drums, and lyrical ideas from ppl, but the guitar and bass riffs are all my doing. if you mean all i do is make songs, kinda lol. you can say that playing guitar and making music is my #1 obsession. However, school always plays a role in the production delays. i'm actually thinking about touching up all the songs i've made recently to make them better quality and see if i can't do something with them, commerical wise.

No, what I mean't was by that was &quot;Do you make flash aswell as audio or is it just audio?&quot; but thanks for that info, though! :P

oh lol, ya i just do audio... i don't really know how to make flashes and i don't think i'd be very good at it lol.

I get your Band name its really unique dude lol genius you could say =]

im the gayest

stop with the genius, i'm not! >.< lol.

New song

Im the Gayester

Gayer then gayest. *makes out with a random dude to prove it*

Emuzin Here...Please visit my songs and so far the the only Frame by Frame Flash Animation I have ever created...just for the sole purpose to make another New Grounds Audio Portal user (krssvr) see his song come to life with a animated story...(so it is a vote for both as a collaborative effort) Ok..here are the links: 1. Dragons Beginnings (song) <a href="http://www.newgounds.com/audio/listen/">http://www.newgounds.com/audio/listen /</a>
226159 or 2. Dragons New Flight (song) <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n</a> /225975 or 3. last, but certainly not least....My very first Frame by Frame Flash Animation &quot;Cheating Death 2009 (Colab with music by krssvr) : <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /</a>
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