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23 years old, student working towards a music composition BA. Goal in my life is to be a video game composer. Love all types of video games espeically RPGs.

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Posted by HellSpawnIV - February 12th, 2015

For those looking for the soundtrack for TZ3. It's now available via this link at CDbaby. However it will be available at other music sites like itunes and amazon in the coming days.

(The link is: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vaughnanderson5 in case the above didn't work)

Thanks for your support,



Posted by HellSpawnIV - June 8th, 2013

So i think instead of making songs i'll be more focusing on underscore pieces. that's not to say i'm stoping making songs all together, but just working less intensely on them. Expect a large variety of compositions coming soon.

PS: I also applied to Berklee recently so cross my fingers for that >.<

Posted by HellSpawnIV - June 30th, 2012

Whenever i put up music now a days i just get no feedback and low votes... sigh* well hopefully this post will remind me to stop trying next time i think it will be a good idea to submit my music on here.

Posted by HellSpawnIV - June 29th, 2012

Ok, so I've been being more productive lately and making/copyrighting songs and pitching them to industry professionals and alas no luck on getting any deals (any that i like at least). So I'll be posting some of the song on newgrounds soon so ppl here can use them and maybe spread the word.

Posted by HellSpawnIV - April 23rd, 2009

I haven't been on newgrounds in forever, and i appologize to the ppl that liked my music and wanted more. School has been taking over and i actually found a producer that is interested in my music. With that in mind, i don't think i'll be on newgrounds very often. However, i do feel like i should put some of my newer stuff on, so i have added 2 new entries. Fruit of the Earth is my most recent completed one, and Narcissistic is my song that i'm currently working on. I think resposiblity is hitting me the hardest its hitting me... money is tight and i'm desperately looking for work. As much as i hope my producer will make some money for me... i need to find a job lol.

PS: i've also redone solos in "Firefly" and "Plague" because i thought i could do better. they are better but just not perfect. Meh, oh well... i'll leave them like that until money comes for them.

Posted by HellSpawnIV - October 2nd, 2008

Tixe (Teek-say) started off as a joke name with my previous band, but never actually picked it up. How it came up was that we all decided to try and make a band name one day in a Baja Fresh. eventually it started to get stupid, and then the lead guitarist came up with Tixe. The bassist and i were like ???, and so we were trying to guess what it was all night. Thenl he finally spell it until later and i said "is it Exit?" and it turned out right. so starting off as a joke i kinda put it into a deeper meaning (along with some help with a friend) we started saying the band is called Tixe, because you exit your personally reality and (Tixe is exit backward = the opposite of exit is enter so) you enter my reality of music. i thought it was an awesome reality but hey, its probably really stupid to most lol.

Posted by HellSpawnIV - September 18th, 2008

well, my band broke up a while ago, shortly followed by my girlfriend, and now i have lots of time to make music on my own. i'm mostly just making song with guitars and bass riffs as the foundation and asking ppl to do drums, and i already have a singer in mind, but that may change. Overwhelming was my first song after the band breakup and all the band members got jealous which was pretty funny. i have high hopes for that song, and i'm working on 2 other songs that, i feel, will be around the same greatness.

Posted by HellSpawnIV - May 7th, 2008

just letting you guys know what the stuff i'm puting up on my profile is only from my personal file of music. that means that it's mostly going to be created by me. now the reason i say that is because i have a band which i'm putting more effort into that actually making my own things. So that is why if you hear some of my songs they'll probably poor quality because i just don't have the time nor patience, but ya if my band actually finishes a song and put lyrics in our songs and all the jazz then i'm sure i'll put it up when i'm happy with it.