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9/10 5/5 ... i enjoyed the humor and the last excuse was so true, but just some ppl don't realize it. thx for the laugh.

stumbled upon

i've been checking out alot of your animations, and i have to say i like them. even though they are not top notch quality, they still have good story, plot, and humor. as for this one, good, but of course like everyone else said, need sound >.< ... and i wouldn't mind if you even put your own voice up in there because i didn't have a problem with them on the other flashes. anyways, keep 'em coming.

ChadsWeb responds:

Yeah, with voice acting I was going to do a voice for the Chad character, but then I couldn't think of a voice I could do for the dinosaur, so I decided just to leave it silent.

Thanks for the review :3

plz do

please make it a movie, it would be interesting to watch. however, since this was a test 6/10 >.<

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Very Entertaining

thought this was a great game, and i don't think its too hard like the others say. Than again i got #1 in the high scores when i played... so maybe i'm just talented at multi-tasking? anywho good game, thought it was original and liked the switch ups and such. 5/5 10/10

Great!... but

i didn't like how you lost all your weapons as soon as you die... other than that... loved the story, loved the message, loved the game play... awesome gj... my review quote... "Not just a game, but art!"

PS loved the quote "Conformity is Mandatory"

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Not bad, I would not call this classical though. sounds more like a classic rock ballad. Overall good sound, may get repetitious after a while without vocals or a more interesting melody.

nice loop, i see it being perfect for an industrial themed platform game. it's not overly repetitive, but it does get tiresome after a couple of loops, but if this was tied to a game i think it'd be fine since you're mostly focusing on something else. I don't think i'd be able to make something like this, good job.

Reminds of a intense action sequence. I can see how this could be used for a final boss, depending on feeling/style of the game. Around 2:28 where it moves to just the kick and bass synth i get a jarring feeling (which may or may not be your intention). Feels like it's off (even though it's not). Probably because the bass doesn't have much of an attack. All-in-All cool track.

DESHIEL responds:

Yeah, it heavily depends on the style and pace of the game. If the game has some kiddie music, then this ROLLS IN. Everybody will be like WTF.

This kind of music is also fitting when you activate some super sayan mode. :D

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Hey, this is pretty good. I like the 'tattered' feel of the magazine.

aftandil responds:

will find more issues in Tequila Zombies III ;)

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